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Information about Panda!

Started by DTM Panda, Dec 13, 2023, 03:19 PM

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DTM Panda

Sup, this gonna be a long essay so feel free to get confortable, maybe get some popcorn or watch a movie while you read my introduction:

Hello, My name is Panda, I normally goes with PJ, Jay or Panda ( I am known here by Panda the most )

I am a amature java developer, I spend most of my freetime either attempting to break other plugins down to learn more about them or go stream on

I am a not so popular streamer but I am trying my best to manage streaming and content creating via Youtube.

If you don't see me stream, I mostly have a good reason why which is either me sleeping in my confortable bed or busy working on server configurations.

I also work full time so you got that to pay attention to aswell.

anyways most of my freetime is spent having fun with CornishGamesNights on twitch or on his discord.
I also stream sometimes doing this interaction.

also I am the only moderator at this time for the MGN Minecraft Network. don't be afraid to say hello to this friendly neighborhood panda.
MODERATOR | MGN Minecraft Network