Minecraft Chest (and large chest) – Crafting guide

Chests let you store your stuff, and large chests let you store more stuff!

You can easily create a chest or a large chest using wooden logs.

Step 1 – Get logs

0:06 – Collect 4 logs by chopping down any tree with your hands.

You have remarkably strong hands in Minecraft 🙂

We use oak logs in this guide, but any of the ten types of wood will do.

Step 2 – Create planks

0:41 – Using a crafting table 9×9 grid, place 4 logs in any cell to create 16 planks. Each log creates 4 planks.

Step 3 – Create a chest

0:47 – In the 9×9 grid arrange 8 planks in a square with the center cell empty.

This creates a chest in the output box.

Step 4 – Create a large chest

0:54 – To create a large chest, repeat Steps 2 and 3 to create a second chest.

Place the second chest right next to the first chest on the ground to instantly get a double-size chest.


You successfully created your shiny new chest (or large chest).


Video producerTecRyan on YouTube
Article writerGeorge Vanous in Freedom!

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