Minecraft Crafting table – Crafting guide

Creating a crafting table, also known as a workbench, is the first thing you need to do in a new Minecraft game.

Step 1

Collect four pieces of wood, called logs, with your hands.

No need for an axe, you have strong hands in Minecraft!

These can be any of ten different types of wood in the game, oak logs being the most common.

Step 2

Press E to open your inventory and place the four logs you gathered in the 2×2 crafting grid.

This creates oak planks in the output box.

Drag the planks into your inventory.

Step 3

Using the right mouse button and the planks from Step 2, fill out the 2×2 crafting grid with one plank per box.

This creates a crafting table in the output box.


You successfully created your shiny new crafting table aka workbench.


Video producerCurtis Pyke on YouTube
Article writerGeorge Vanous in Freedom!

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