Best Armor for Beginners! – Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock in 2021

Hypixel Skyblock

Hypixel is a very popular Minecraft server with many different types of game modes. Their most popular game mode, Skyblock, has taken the original concept and turned it into a whole new fun game. You are able to fight many different monsters and bosses that drop loot in order to make your character even stronger!

Deep Cavern

The Deep Cavern is the first place you should head towards as a new player! This is located straight from the main Skyblock hub after completing a series of quests, head towards the Gold Mine, and head straight towards the Deep Cavern. In the Deep Cavern you can expect to find many different strong mobs and as you dive deeper into the cave you will encounter stronger enemies. Some enemies can drop armor while some others can drop weapons.

Which Weapon Should You Use?

As you explore the Deep Cavern, the best weapon you should bring is a sword called the Undead Sword. What this weapon can do is provide a damage increase by 30 and deal 100% more damage to Skeletons, Zombies, Withers, and Zombie Pigmen (inside the Deep Cavern you are going to fight a lot of these enemies). This weapon is located at the Weapon smith located in front of the Blacksmith at the main hub. As you level up to 30 you want to head back to the main hub so you can enchant your Undead Sword with Smite 5 in the library. The reason you want to give your Undead Sword an enchantment called Smite 5 is because the enchant increases your damage towards Zombies, Skeletons, Zombie Pigmen, and Withers by 40%!

Lapis Quarry

The Lapis Quarry is one of the levels as you explore through the Deep Caverns. In this area, you are able to find Lapis Zombies and Lapis Skeletons who can deal a good amount of damage towards you. Once you start killing these enemies there is a small chance for you to obtain the Lapis Armor. The Lapis Armor provides extra defense, more health, and gives more experience as you mine ores. By obtaining this armor, you will have better defense to survive the later floors inside the Deep Cavern!

Diamond Reserve / Obsidian Sanctuary

After collecting your full set of Lapis Armor it’s time to head further down into the Deep Cavern! Once you pass by the Pigman’s Den and the Slimehill, you will enter a place called the Diamond Reserve. Like the Lapis Quarry, you will find Zombies and Skeletons, but this time they have diamond armor! Once you start defeating these enemies they have a small chance of dropping an armor set called the Miner Armor.

The Miner Armor provides extra defense and even more defense when you are in a mine! If you’re feeling risky, you can go down one more floor to enter the Obsidian Sanctuary. The enemies in the Obsidian Sanctuary is very similar to enemies in the Diamond Reserve, expect, these enemies are enchanted making them even stronger! These enemies drop the same Miner Armor set, but they are enchanted with Protection 5! Once you collect this armor, you now have the best armor for beginners to start off with! If you want to make this armor even better, you can create an enchanting table in your island and give your armor set more enchantments!

Hope this helps in 2021 and good luck!


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