Minecraft Diamond Boots – Crafting guide

Boots have different durability values depending on the material used to craft them.

Leather boots65 Durability
Chain boots195 Durability
Iron boots195 Durability
Golden boots91 Durability
Diamond boots429 Durability
Netherite boots481 Durability

In this guide, we’ll show you how to create diamond boots. What you’ll need:

Step 1 – Mine some diamonds

0:18 – Using an iron pickaxe, mine four pieces of diamond ore. You can generally find diamond ore in levels 12 to 15 of caves or mines. This will immediately yield you four diamonds.

Mining diamond ore.

Step 2 – Place the diamonds

0:35 – Now, place diamonds in the bottom-left, middle-left, middle-right, and bottom-right cells of the crafting grid.

(You can look at your numpad, if you have one, and the placement on the crafting grid would correspond to the “1”, “4”, “6”, and “3” keys, which we can refer to as cells 1, 4, 6, and 3.)

Place the diamonds.

Step 3 (Optional) – Bippity boppity boo

Well, dress me in rags and call me Cindy! Never has crystalline footwear been so extraordinarily represented. A blending of durability and style, these diamond boots are truly an example of art and utility in harmony.

Just make sure not to lose one. Don’t want to give any princes the wrong idea.

Diamond boots!


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