Minecraft Wooden sword – Crafting guide

Swords do attack damage based on the material used to craft them.

Wooden sword+4 attack damage
Golden sword+4 attack damage
Stone sword+5 attack damage
Iron sword+6 attack damage
Diamond sword+7 attack damage
Netherite sword+8 attack damage

In this guide, we show you how to create a wooden sword using any type of log.

Step 1 – Get a log

Collect one log by chopping any tree with your hands.

Step 2 – Create planks

Using a crafting table, place the log in any cell to create 4 planks in the output box.

Step 3 – Create a stick

Place a plank in cells 2 and 5 in the 9×9 grid to create a stick in the output box.

(Just look at your keyboard’s numpad which is also a 9×9 grid with the same digits).

Step 4 – Create a wooden sword

Place the stick in cell 2 and one plank in cells 5 and 8.

This creates a wooden sword in the output box.


You successfully created your shiny new wooden sword.

Go try fighting something, but if you die too often, go craft a better sword 🙂


Video producerTecRyan on YouTube
Article writerGeorge Vanous in Freedom!

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