Minecraft Leather Tunic – Crafting guide

Chestplates have different durability values depending on the material used to craft them.

Leather tunic80 Durability
Chain chestplate240 Durability
Iron chestplate240 Durability
Golden chestplate112 Durability
Diamond chestplate528 Durability
Netherite chestplate592 Durability

In this guide, we’ll show you how to create a leather tunic. What you’ll need:

Step 1 – Find some cows

0:17 – So, to get leather you first need to find some cows. Once you’ve found some, you’ll have to kill enough of them to gather eight pieces of leather.

Find some cows.

Step 2 – Place the leather

0:27 – Now, place leather in the bottom-left, middle-left, top-left, bottom-middle, center-middle, top-right, middle-right, and bottom-right cells of the crafting grid.

Basically, you place leather on every cell except the top-middle one.

(You can look at your numpad, if you have one, and the placement on the crafting grid would correspond to the “1”, “4”, “7”, “2”, “5”, “9”, “6”, and “3” keys, which we can refer to as cells 1, 4, 7, 2, 5, 9, 6, and 3.)

Place the leather.

Step 3 (Optional) – Hands-off the leather

And there you go! You’ve crafted a leather tunic! In terms of protection it isn’t much, but waaay better than fighting monsters in a shirt. Plus, the leather is pretty spiffy.

So, go you! Just don’t go charging any dragons in it.

Leather tunic!


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