Minecraft Sticks – Crafting guide

Sticks are one of the most useful items in Minecraft. They are used as ingredients in many tool and weapon crafting recipes, are very abundant and are quite easy to make.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to create sticks and all you’ll need are some wood. That’s it.

Step 1 – Gather logs

0:16 – Collect a few logs by punching out a tree (any kind of tree will do).

Getting logs.

Step 2 – Create planks

0:26 – Now, open your inventory and place the logs in any single cell of the grid to create planks in the output box.

If you have a crafting table, you can do the same there.

Crafting planks.

Step 3 – Create sticks

0:38 – Now, place two planks vertically in your inventory crafting grid. Again, if you prefer to use a crafting table, you can do the same.

And that’s all there is to it! You now have a bunch of sticks that you can use to craft tools like a wooden pickaxe, or weapons like a stone axe.


Good job! 🙂


Video producerTecRyan on YouTube
Article writerIan Cruz in Freedom!

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